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Sun Damage Treatment Bluffton Sc

Sun Damage Treatment Bluffton Sc

We all idealize the concept of the perfect body by making it fit within specific parameters. The ideal body has to have the proper supermodel ratio, with lean muscles, preferably voluptuous shapes and a clean, soft and delicate skin. And, contrary to popular belief, having the perfect skin is just as important in the long run, as the contrary may impact our looks significantly, regardless of how your body has been sculpted. And that is where we, at Bluffton Aesthetics shine.

The sun damage treatment in Bluffton SC is one of the most effective methods of restoring the skin’s natural glow and making it look healthy and smooth. But what is the sun damage treatment and why would you need one?

For everything to make more sense, we’ll start with the latter and showcase the reasons why your skin might require professional assistance in some cases. And it all starts with the sun. Our star is the giver of life just as much as it is the deliverer of death. It all varies depending on the dose because the sun functions as a drug – have too much and it will change its status from medicine to poison.

The UV rays are the culprit here, made from particles which can penetrate the tissue and trigger the formation of free radicals. These are atomic or molecular agents which bind to the proteins in the tissue, causing an oxidation process. It is this biologic oxidation that is responsible for the appearance of fine lines, sun spots and age spots, wrinkles, as well as the saggy skin effect.

It is somewhat impressive how too much sun can cause the skin to age prematurely. It only goes to show that you can’t take anything for granted and that, in this case, a sun damage treatment in Bluffton SC is one of the best ways of dealing with your skin’s problems.

Beautiful, healthy and radiant

The sun damage treatment is also known as photorejuvenation, and it uses lasers or an intense pulse light (IPL) to pierce the skin and tackle the issues at a molecular level. The benefits will become visible shortly, including:

  • Reducing the impact of acne, including the more severe stages
  • Eliminate brown spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as skin redness
  • It supports the production of collagen and elastin, which are substances contributing to the skin’s elasticity and regenerative properties
  • Sterilizing the area by obliterating the bacteria responsible for causing acne, among other skin problems
  • Supports a more effective blood circulation, which speeds up the healing process and reduces inflammation
  • Minimize the appearance of broken capillaries and so on

But why is photorejuvenation superior to any other skin treatments? For two main reasons: it is non-invasive, and it doesn’t use chemicals. The sun damage treatment in Bluffton SC will activate your body’s regenerative properties, forcing it to fight skin problems naturally and making you look younger and healthier at the same time. At Bluffton Aesthetics, we offer photorejuvenation as the modern alternative to the Fountain of Youth, which, although it will not grant you eternal life and beauty, it is the next best thing.

Sun Damage Treatment Bluffton Sc
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