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Vaginal Dryness Bluffton Sc

Vaginal Dryness Bluffton Sc

There are a lot of things that need to come together to make for a satisfying sex session. And there are also a lot of things that may come together to create an unsatisfying one. Among these things, there is one in particular that stands out: vaginal dryness. Bluffton Aesthetics stresses the importance of identifying the problem in time, so that proper treatments may be applied as soon as possible.

Treating vaginal dryness in Bluffton SC, however, is done by more modern means, rather than going for the conventional alternatives. The problem with traditional treatments is that they usually come with a variety of side effects, some of which can be extremely unpleasant.

Vaginal dryness usually occurs with age, but other factors may cause it to happen ahead of its time, like:

  • Lifestyle choices - Resorting to alcohol abuse often or smoking regularly can affect the production of estrogen, the female hormone which plays many roles, with one of them being to keep the vagina healthy and lubricated whenever needed. A poor dietary choice may have similar results.
  • Environmental factors – There are a lot of things that could decrease the production of estrogen, including stress and anxiety. A woman who’s being regularly subjected to stress, or develops anxiety or depression, may exhibit a low sex appetite, as well as vaginal dryness.
  • Chemical irritants – Here we include products like soaps and lotions, as well as some perfumes that may disrupt the chemical balance which is a precondition for healthy, lubricated vaginal walls.
  • Medication – Vaginal dryness in Bluffton SC can be caused by different types of medication, including antidepressants, antihistamine-based drugs or medication needed to treat allergies and flu, among others.
  • The aging process – Menopause is the main culprit here; a stage every woman will reach at one point or another.

Other factors may even include giving birth and breastfeeding, as well as not being able to become aroused, either because of the partner’s poor sexual performances or for any other reason.

The laser-based therapy

Vaginal dryness is usually treated with the help of medication, specifically meant to increase the estrogen production in the body. These can come in the form of tablets, special rings designed to be inserted between the vaginal walls or as creams. The problem is that these products will almost always come with side effects like vaginal bleeding, breast pain and even an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

And this is where the laser therapy starts working its magic. Laser therapy has been designed to stimulate the body’s natural estrogen-producing mechanism, allowing your estrogen levels to increase naturally. There are no chemicals involved, and the process is significantly less risky than traditional methods.

Having vaginal dryness in Bluffton SC means not being able to enjoy sex, which is one of the many side effects you will experience. At Bluffton Aesthetics, we believe that women should be healthy and happy and these two factors largely depend on their estrogen levels. Caring for your vaginal health is caring for your both your physical and your psychological and emotional stability.

Vaginal Dryness Bluffton Sc
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