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Acne is the number one reason people visit a dermatologist. Affecting both teenagers and adults, over 80% of the population, teenagers as well as adults included,  suffers from this emotionally frustrating condition. The sooner this condition is addressed at any age, the better the chance of minimizing scarring and controlling breakouts in the future. With laser acne treatments, you can enjoy clear, healthy-looking skin!

  • Kill acne bacteria
  • Decrease oil production
  • Improve appearance of pores
  • Diminish scarring
  • Control future breakouts
  • Avoid potential adverse effects of topical and oral medications

Laser acne treatments have one of the highest success rates of the many acne treatments on the market today! Ask the friendly and helpful staff at Bluffton Aesthetics if laser acne treatment could be the solution to taking control of your acne-prone skin.


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Acne FAQs

1. What is involved in acne treatments? Acne treatments are individualized depending on the type of acne. Our esthetician specializes in advanced acne care.

2. Can you treat acne scarring? Yes, there are several options for treating acne scars. We have great results with our M22 laser and Microneedling RF. 

3. How do I know what products to use for my acne? We have a specific acne line that targets acne-prone skin. Both our Bella Face and PCAskin care lines have amazing results with treating acne and not drying out the skin.

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The Nd:YAG module of M22™ offers treatments for leg veins and active acne. 

 This precise and comfortable treatment uses 4 cooled lightguides. The M22, enables cooling between a sequence of pulses, to protect the skin while allowing the safe use of higher wavelengths. 

This enables treatment on all skin types, including darker skin, and reduces the chance of unwanted side effects.