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If you’re one of the thousands of men and women dealing with the frustration of unwanted hair on your body, you know how time-consuming and painful removing hair can be. For successful long-term hair removal in Bluffton, South Carolina we offer one of the safest, fastest, most effective treatments available: the Lumenis LightSheer® Desire™.

Fast, effective hair removal with the Lumenis Light Sheer® Desire™

Weight, age, ethnicity, hormones, medications, diet and metabolism all contribute to body hair growth in undesirable areas. The Desire laser targets hair follicles with pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. Several treatments are necessary to remove hair as it enters the growth phase. LightSheer® Desire™ laser treatments may cause minimal discomfort, but no recovery downtime is necessary.

Laser hair removal can achieve 80-85% hair reduction in the areas treated.  
After completion of a full treatment cycle, a maintenance program will most likely be needed of 1-2 treatments annually. On average: minimum treatments: 6 done 4-10 weeks apart depending on the area treated. For optimal results: average treatments required 12-15 with a maintenance program set up as needed. 

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Hair removal

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Hair Removal FAQs

1.  How many treatments does hair removal require? Several treatments are needed every 4-6 weeks in order to treat all hair cycles. On average, it takes approximately 6 treatments to target the bulk hair.

2. Is laser hair removal permanent? Yes, the laser destroys the hair follicle. 

3. When is the best time of the year to start hair removal treatments? You can do laser hair removal treatments any time as long as the treated area stays out of direct sunlight. The best time to begin your treatments is in the fall or winter when you are least likely to be in the sun.



Lumenis LightSheer® Desire™ is one of the latest innovations in Lumenis’ flagship laser hair removal product line providing you the best treatment possible!  It combines the elite technology that made LightSheer the gold standard in laser hair removal, with an innovative design that provides a revolutionary solution for you.