PiQO4 for uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone can result from various factors, including sun exposure, aging, and acne scars. We offer our patient’s effective solutions, employing advanced technologies like laser and anti-aging treatments. These treatments target the underlying causes of uneven pigmentation, promoting the regeneration of healthy skin cells, and resulting in a smoother, more uniform complexion. Tailored to individual needs, it can significantly improve skin appearance, restoring a youthful, more even and radiant look.

The PiQo4 laser system represents a cutting-edge solution for addressing uneven skin tone, combining both picosecond and nanosecond laser pulses to effectively shatter and remove pigmentation for uneven skin tone.

With its high energy output, PiQo4 can achieve significant pigment reduction in fewer treatments, offering a quicker path to improved skin texture and tone. This innovative approach not only ensures effective pigment breakdown but also promotes skin rejuvenation, contributing to a smoother, more even complexion while also leaving our patients with minimal side affects.

Skin resurfacing

Skin texture concerns include scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and rough patches and they can significantly impact the skin’s appearance, making it look aged and dull. Our aesthetic laser treatments like resurfacing can effectively address these concerns by removing the outer layers of skin, stimulating collagen production, and promoting the growth of new, healthier skin.

This process helps to smooth out imperfections, resulting in a more even, rejuvenated skin texture. These treatments are tailored to individual skin types and conditions, offering a customized approach to enhance skin health and appearance.


This complete skin rejuvenation solution provides superior and noticeable improvement of both skin tone and skin texture, with minimal downtime.

The Lumenis M22 Laser, is a cutting-edge addition to our laser lineup effective in treating skin conditions as well as skin resurfacing. A treatment solution for a wide variety of skin conditions such as (but not limited to) age spots, sun spots, beauty marks, rosacea, active acne or acne scars, hair removal, spider veins, freckles, and more. The M22 stands out by allowing the combination of multiple technologies within a single session, presenting a significant benefit for patients seeking efficient and comprehensive treatment outcomes.

helix co2+ laser

Only HELIX offers the benefits of the most advanced fractional CO2 technology and non-ablative resurfacing to be used alone or together for superior results and healing time.

CoolPeel – the multi-year New Beauty Award-winning, no-downtime fractional ablative treatment
Sultra – gentle, fractional non-ablative thermal collagen stimulation
FUSION – mixed treatments for faster healing and enhanced results with options safe for all skin types.



If you’re one of the thousands of men and women dealing with the frustration of unwanted hair on your body, you know how time-consuming and painful removing hair can be. For successful long-term hair removal, we offer painless,  fast, effective treatment through the Motus AX Laser.

The Motus AX laser hair removal treatment is fast, painless and effective on the widest range of skin types, more than any other laser hair removal treatment. It is also highly effective for treating pigmented lesions.

The Motus Laser uses simple, even movements over a small area gradually heating the vital parts of the hair and delivering enough heat to destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.  


Several treatments are needed every 4-6 weeks in order to treat all hair cycles. On average, it takes approximately 6 treatments to target the bulk hair.

Yes, it is permanent for the hair follicles that are active during treatment. The reason that maintenance treatments may be needed is that dormant follicles can become active over time. This is usually caused by stress, changes in hormones or medications. This may or may not happen. The majority of people that receive a full treatment cycle of 12 treatments report permanent hair removal.

With the Motus AX, you can do your laser hair removal treatments during any time of the year!


We are able to treat spider veins most commonly with laser treatments and in some cases schlerotherapy. We offer schlerotherapy for only a specific vein size, most of what we do is laser treatment for true spider veins – non bulging blue, violet and red veins.

During laser treatment, we use laser treatment on the vein. The laser light can destroy the vein without damaging your skin. Small spider veins may disappear immediately after treatment.

With no downtime, the Sclerotherapy vein treatment used to eradicate spider veins is safe, effective and relatively painless!  At Bluffton Aesthetics we provide this fast and simple solution to reclaiming your youthful beauty. Set up an appointment today! 

With no downtime, the Sclerotherapy vein treatment used to eradicate spider veins is safe, effective and relatively painless!  At Bluffton Aesthetics we provide this fast and simple solution to reclaiming your youthful beauty. Set up an appointment today!

Vein Treatment FAQs

The laser will be able to target small blue veins and red capillaries that are typically found on the face, chest, and legs.

Yes, in some cases several treatments may be needed.

The area treated will temporarily be a little splotchy looking which will improve after a couple of days.

elderly woman with spider veins

Scar reduction

We offer our patients treatment methods for scars utilizing innovative products, technology, and services. Scars result from a wound healing response due to irregular collagen formation leaving behind uneven tissue formation. We have effective methods for treating a wide range of scars that improves skin texture and pigment. Our scar treatments will depend on the type of scar and the best course of treatment for you. Some types of scars include atrophic, hypertrophic, contracture, and keloid scars.


What seemed like a great idea a few years back may not be so hot today. If you are looking for a fresh start without a tattoo for any reason, laser tattoo removal may be your solution. 

Special Military Offer: Bluffton Aesthetics offers a 10% discount on laser tattoo removal services as a gratitude to the men and women who have or are currently serving in the U.S. Military. We also offer free radiation therapy tattoo removal.

PiQO4 for tattoo removal

The Most Powerful Pigment and Tattoo Removal Solution on the Market!

PiQo4 treats a wide range of pigment colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of the tattoo’s pigment. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which delivers faster treatments. With the PiQo4 you will be pleased with faster treatments and shorter sessions.

The PiQo4 offers up to 15 spot sizes, ranging from 2 mm to 15.5 mm. The 15 mm is the largest spot size in the industry and is almost four times bigger than the closest competitor. With the PiQo4, all skin types can be treated.B This enables treatment on all skin types, including darker skin, and reduces the chance of unwanted side effects.

The PiQo4 is a powerful Q-switch laser that allows us to treat not only tattoos but also stubborn pigmented lesions that other devices are not strong enough to treat effectively. When it comes to lentigines (brown spots) on the face, neck, décolleté, hands or shoulders that are larger in diameter than a pencil eraser, the Q-switch laser is the ideal treatment for removal of these unwanted spots. The laser itself is a high-intensity laser that is referred to as a cold laser because it can target and disrupt pigment or ink without heating up and damaging the surrounding tissue. The treatment causes very little discomfort and does not require any topical anesthetics. Safe for all skin types.