“I fling my past behind me like a robe…I have outgrown it” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 

The stress and anxiety of 2020 has impacted us all in many different ways and we are all hopeful for a new beginning for 2021. Although we are not able to simply close the door on 2020 and all of its challenges, we can focus on the things that we are able to control. 
At Bluffton Aesthetics, we continue to focus on the safety of our staff and our patients during this pandemic. We would like to thank all of our patients for their cooperation with our safety protocols.   January is a great time for a fresh start and at Bluffton Aesthetics we hold fast to our motto “Our Focus Is You”. 
We are focusing on exfoliation, fat reduction as well as hair removal with our specials for this month. We hope that this will help you set and meet some “cleansing” goals for 2021. 


We are so excited to introduce our new products, the Bella Face Fix & Firm Intense Repair Kit with advanced ingredients.  After seeking out and sampling many products, we have finally found the perfect combination to repair and reverse the signs of aging. Most of our patients know that we are not a big fan of kits. We like to personalize and customize products based on each individual’s needs. So, this is a BIG deal. With the highest formulation of peptides available, the deepest absorption of a retinol serum, this product brightens and tightens!! This kit really is for everyone. You are going to love the results. We do!!
Bluffton Aesthetics Fix & Firm


Premier Pampered Package
$236 OFF! Includes 3 exfoliating facials, 3 IPL treatments & Q-Switch (2-3 spots).

TruSculpt iD Special
$500 off 6 paddles. Laser Hair Removal Package Buy one large area, get one small area 50% off.

Fix & Firm Kit
10% off through the end of January!


Whether you are someone that wants to jump-start your strengthening program, improve core strength, reduce back pain, achieve a more toned body, or focus on sculpting your abdominals or buttocks, the truScuplt flex is the perfect solution. 
truSculpt flex is a noninvasive, Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) device that is safe and effective in body sculpting and contouring. Clinical trial studies have shown an average of 30% increase in muscle mass in the areas treated. 
This treatment is highly customizable based on physical fitness level as well as the areas to be treated. 4-6 treatments are recommended for an initial series and each session is scheduled for an hour. truSculpt flex will take the selected muscle groups through a series of varying contractions mimicking a full cross-fit workout, active treatment time is 45 minutes. There is no downtime, you can go back to your normal daily activities immediately following each session. Typically, results are noticeable after 4 treatments. If your new year’s resolution is to become more physically fit, this is a great way to jump-start your exercise program. 
Let us help you on your journey to a better body with truSculpt flex.


Our Healthy Skin From Within food of the month is red grapes! Nature somehow always finds a way to perfect itself. We cannot think of a better recipe than this to keep you and your skin looking healthy.
Grape skins are known to have high amounts of resveratrol which helps in the fight against aging.
Learn how to make this Grape, Avocado & Arugula Salad by clicking below.