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Summer Skin Essentials & Body Treatments Seminar

Beat the summer heat with a customized skincare plan just for you! Also, learn about our different treatments for the body such as body contouring, reducing the appearance of veins, injectables in the body and more!

Refreshments | Special Event Pricing | Door Prize.

June 27 | 5 - 7 pm

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We pride ourselves at Bluffton Aesthetics in offering our patients treatment methods for scars utilizing innovative products, technology, and services. Scars result from a wound healing response due to irregular collagen formation leaving behind uneven tissue formation. We have effective methods for treating a wide range of scars that improves skin texture and pigment. Our scar treatments will depend on the type of scar and the best course of treatment for you. Some types of scars include atrophic, hypertrophic, contracture, and keloid scars. Please call today to schedule your complimentary consultation with us!

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The ResurFX™ module of M22™ is the only true fractional non-ablative technology. One pass is all it takes.

Unlike other fractional technologies, ResurFX™ needs only one pass to be effective, saving you time, and protecting your skin.

ResurFX™ uses a 1565 nm fiber laser and a very advanced scanner, which enables more than 600 combinations of shape, size and density for optimal treatment.

On average: 3-5 sessions are recommended with treatments done in 4-5 week intervals. This treatment can be done in coordination with IPL photofacial for optimal results.


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